Surf Report for Thursday, November 10th 2011

With the wind offshore all day today Tamarindo was really good and making Overhead wave on the set and left and right breaking very well, a lot local jum on the water and having fun and do some tricks.

The weather was really nice too, sunny day and people hangout with beer, chair and music watching the surfer and students in action.


Lupe Local Surfer



Paulina Surfer Girl



Cacarin Local Surfer



Saba Local Surfer



Surfer Girl



Tamarindo Style



Tamarindo Wave



Surf Life


High Tide for Friday: 02:47 a.m. 8.87 ft, 15:17 p.m. 8.22 ft

Low Tide for Friday: 09:01 0.39 ft, 21:08 1.08 ft


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