Surf Report for Tuesday, December 6th 2011

The Swell still small in Tamarindo but fun for the longboarders and ride some fun wave and make the day on the water, also the wind help today because the offshore conditions still all day and open rides left and right wave.

The better spot for surf today were the river mouth making some barrels and good right waves, the size for today was 3ft on the set decent size to be in Tamarindo.


Guest Student



Brigitte Guest Student



Tamarindo Wave



Kate Guest Student



Guest Student






High Tide for Wednesday: 00:11 a.m 7.95 ft, 12:46 p.m 7.18 ft

Low Tide for Wednesday: 06:33 a.m. 1.57 ft, 18:36 p.m. 2.03 ft


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