Surf Report for Tuesday, March 1st 2011 (Afternoon/Evening)


Winds were great today staying offshore for pretty much the entire day.  In the late afternoon the river mouth started working a little bit but it was a little too fast closing.  Waves were a little mushy on the lefts with the rights shutting down pretty fast.  Size was ok, coming in around waist high with a couple of chest high.  Conditions were mostly clean with only a little bit of wind keeping it from glass.

For tomorrow we should see the swell beginning a gradual drop.  Predictions call for chest to shoulder high for tomorrow with the swell bottoming out on Saturday around waist high.  We´re still stuck in the SSW swell direction so we will most likely be seeing smaller sizes here in Tamarindo for a while.  Winds should be coming out of the NNE for most of tomorrow with some NE and clean to fair conditions.

High Tide for Wednesday will be at 1:07am/1:37pm

Low Tide at 7:23am/7:46pm

Time of Post 9:01pm Local Time.

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