Surf Report for Tuesday, May 10th 2011

Playa Grande

Headed out to Palmeras this morning to a bit more south facing break.   The swell was close to predicted size in the waist to chest high range.  There were a couple of standout sets around shoulder high.  Winds were moving steady offshore with clean conditions in the water.  The waves were a little disorganized at high tide but found some order as the tide receded.   Currently in Tamarindo the winds have moved onshore with waves around knee high.  No great shape but the tide is dead low right now and we could see things shape up a little later today.  Winds are predicted to stay onshore with some chop in the water for the rest of the day but there have been some pretty decent days as of late with similar conditions so keep an eye out.

For Wednesday fore casts are calling for waist high for the day with the majority coming out of the SSW and a small southern component coming back.  Winds will be mild but still coming onshore in the afternoon with conditions clean in the morning and fair with a short period of choppy for the afternoon.

High Tide for Wednesday at 8:41am/9:06pm

Low Tide at 2:12am/2:49pm

Time of Post 1:51pm

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