Surf Report for Tuesday, October 18th 2011

Sunny day this morning, with good waves at the gold coast… Perfect conditions for surfing offshore wind, good left and right waves, not to high like 4 ft to 5 ft on the set, but with good shape.

Excellent day for photography, I capture some good moments of the surfers just playing in the water… All you can see were happy people having fun.


Flash Surf Guide WRSC



Luis Castro Local Surfer



Omar Peraza Local Surfer



Secret Spot Wave



Freya Local



Chelu Surf Guy


Michael Local Surfer



Secret Spot Wave

High Tide for Tuesday: 07:05 a.m. 7.62 ft, 19:42 p.m. 7.23 ft

Low Tide for Tuesday:00:46 a.m. 1.82 ft, 13:18 p.m. 1.46 ft


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