Surf Report for Wednesday, April 6th 2011 (Evening)


Really exciting to have a evening with some really strong offshore winds after enduring the last week or so of winds turning onshore early in the afternoon.

Didn´t hurt that the waves were coming in really nice all across the Tamarindo bay with some fairly consistent head high and some overhead bombs on occasion.

Water conditions were fairly clean and the water temp. wasn´t too cold either.

For Thursday we´ll be seeing some more head high and overhead.  Conditions will be clean in the morning with the afternoon having some chop.  Winds will most likely give us another day of offshore but they have been fairly unpredictable as of late.

High Tide for Tomorrow will be at 5:07am/5:17pm

With Low Tide at 11:00am/11:28pm

Time of post 6:51pm Local Time.

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