Surf Report for Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 (Afternoon/Evening)

Tamarindo (Pico Grande)

Waves for the afternoon were pretty uneventful until around 4pm when a little something came in near Pico Grande.  The main break as well as the rivermouth remained pretty flat for most of the evening with only the occasional set reaching waist high.

Winds were very shifty today with some fairly choppy conditions.  Towards sunset the winds died down and the chop cleaned up.

For Thursday we´re looking at swell continuing to build until the evening when it will peak in the shoulder to head high range.  Swell direction is still coming out of the SSW so we´ll stay sheltered from most of the waves here in the Tamarindo area.  Winds will continue to spin around starting offshore in the morning and ending the day coming light onshore.  Conditions looking clean in the morning with fair to choppy for the afternoon and evening.

High Tide for Tomorrow will be at 7:13am/7:39pm

Time of Post 8:08pm local time.

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