Surf Report for Wednesday, July 7th 2011


We saw some size finally drop into the Main break today unfortunately there wasn´t much organization to go with it.  Even with the winds moving offshore in the early morning the waves were somewhat choppy with a short period.  The break didn´t do much at midday with the tide dropping low.  Closer towards sunset we did see some decent lefts opening up but with the thunder and lightning approaching the water mostly cleared out.  After a some rain we did see things clean up a little but there wasn´t much day light left and the water stayed mostly empty.

For Thursday we may see the swell dropping a bit to shoulder high but the conditions are predicted to clean up.  Winds will be moving offshore/sideshore in the AM and then moving around quit a bit in the PM.  We should see clean to fair conditions for the day.

High Tide for Tomorrow at 7:03am/7:26pm

Low at 12:38am/1:13pm

Time of Post 10:30pm Local Time

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