Surf Report for Wednesday, June 1st 2011


The winds were not always offshore today, but they were there the majority of the day.  Starting early this morning the winds were drifting lightly offshore and there was a bit of glass in the water.  Waves were smallish, coming in around waist to chest high, but the river mouth saw quit a bit of action.

The winds did shift, but never fully onshore.   There were some occasional periods with light to moderate cross shore but they went away as quickly as they came in.  On towards noon, with the tide building, the size began to come in.  Definitely smaller than the past couple of days with chest to shoulder on the bigger sets.   With the decrease in size the Main break was able to hold up better with short fun rights and some longer softer lefts.  Sunset was gentle and clean with great shape.

For tomorrow we should see another full day of offshore (or near offshore) winds.  Size will again take another small drop, but we should still be in the slightly overhead range coming out of the SSW and SW.  The shorter period SW may make things a bit tricky in the water.  But clean and offshore should be the mantra for the day.

High Tide for Thursday 3:06am/3:13pm

Low Tide at 8:56am/9:27pm

Time of Post 8:03pm Local Time

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