Surf Report for Wednesday, June 8th 2011


Today started out beautiful and ended the same. With clouds threatening and the winds blowing offshore, there were some great waves coming in early.  Nothing overwhelming but conditions were glassy and most waves were holding some decent shape.

As the morning wore on the waves began to pick up size and which was difficult for the main break to handle.  While the dawn patrol was seeing waist to chest high, mid morning began to see chest to shoulder closeouts with shoulders that were a struggle to get to and soft when available.  Once the tide fully began to drop in the late morning the size dropped off and at low tide the swell wasn’t quit hitting the River Mouth.

In the early afternoon the winds had fully turned onshore and were keeping up moderate strength.   On towards mid afternoon with the tide coming back in the waves began to pick up once again.  Not to the level of the morning but there were some fairly solid waist to chest high.  Even with the onshore winds the shape held up fairly well and the conditions never got too choppy.

For Thursday predictions call for head high with occasional 1-3 ft overhead out of the SSW.  We should expect something in the head high and under here at the Main break.  Winds will be calm, sideshore, in the morning gaining a little strength and turning onshore in the late morning/early afternoon.  We will most likely see semi glassy in the morning turning to semi bumpy as the day wears on.

Happy Birthday Sarah!

High Tide for Thursday at 8:19am/8:44pm

Low Tide at 1:50am/2:30pm

Time of Post 10:46pm Local Time

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