5 Things to Consider Before Dating a Surfer


Dating a surfer definitely has its perks. For the most part, we’re in decent shape, tan, adventurous, and in touch with nature. But before you let yourself fall completely head over heels for a surfer, there are some things you should consider.

1. We’re late, a lot…

The phrase, just one more wave, is often spoken, but never with the slightest trace of honesty. Does that make us pathological liars? Perhaps, but if it means just a bit more surfing we don’t care. So, if we’re in the water before a date, even if it’s hours before, expect some type of delay. It’s not that we don’t want to be there, it’s just hard to keep track of time when we’re doing what we love.

2. We’re messy

If we didn’t explicitly let you know that we surfed, chances are you would be able to sniff out the fact that we spend an odd amount of time in the water and at the beach. The interior of our car is most likely decorated with a light dusting of sand. We will have awkward tan/burn lines all over our body from our wetsuits. And finally, you may notice the occasional saltwater stream spill out of our nose, if we surfed the morning before date night.

3. We care about the environment, and it might get on your nerves

As surfers, we are constantly immersed in nature. We’ve seen first-hand what littering can do to the ocean, so we won’t stand for it. If you litter, even just once, we will politely, yet firmly remind you that we could very well be seeing that piece of trash in the lineup. And if we’re at the beach together, we may or may not remind you that your sunscreen should be reef safe. Eventually, you’ll grow to love our passion for protecting the environment. We’re just trying to keep our playground safe.

4. We think you’re important, but we won’t miss a good swell

Birthdays, dinners, parties, friend’s wedding, even meeting your folks: all of these things are important. But if there’s a once in a lifetime swell hitting the coast at the same time, chances are we may not be there. Now this may be the hardest of all to accept, and it will absolutely cause some tension, but surfing is our first love and we will always go back to her.

5. We’re passionate

While we might have a rugged sea-worn appearance, lack basic punctuality, talk about nothing but surfing, weather and wave checks and even disappear for hours on end during a good swell, we surfers are a passionate bunch. When we care about something or someone, we throw ourselves into it, committing time and effort. And if we are a fraction as crazy about you as we are about surfing, you are sure to feel loved.


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