Top 10 Surfing Spots in Northern Costa Rica


 Witch’s Rock Surf Camp’s ideal location makes us central to 10 unique surf spots in Tamarindo and surrounding areas. Sign up for our Beginner Surf School, our Intermediate Surf Program, or our Advanced Surf Tours to be taken to the perfect spots for your level, style, and taste. Weather you want to learn to surf, or you are an advanced surfer who just wants to get maximum barrels, there is a spot nearby for you.

This list will give you an idea of where we surf in Guanacaste and for what specific reasons. As you’ll see, there’s a wide variety of spots, which offer waves of different shapes and sizes.

Take a look, decide what works for you, and get stoked!


1. Playa Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo is the beach you see when you walk right outside of our surf camp. We are so lucky to have this beach as our front yard. Depending on conditions, this is a diverse beach break with rights, lefts, fast barrels, and gentle beginner waves as well. Playa Tamarindo consistently offers waves for intermediates that are learning to make turns and drop on bigger waves.

When the tide & swell are just right, the Tamarindo Rivermouth has a solid right that starts to work well; especially for more advanced surfers.


2. Playa Avellanas

Playa Avellanas is for intermediate to advanced surfers, and it has waves that are great for turns, hanging 10 or even getting barreled. The best time to surf is low tide going high. When the tide is too high, it gets really fun down at the Avellanas beach-break, which is perfect for intermediate level surfers too. Playa Avellanas is about 25 minutes south from the camp by car or about 10 minutes by boat.

3. Playa Marbella

Playa Marbella is about an hour and a half away from the camp driving and about 45 minutes by boat. Even when there is no swell, Marbella always offers very consistent waves. Marbella can get big and rough, but it’s perfect for advanced guests. Marbella is also a less crowed beach since it is so far away.  This break is well worth the trip.


4. Ostional

Ostional is a wildlife refuge south of Marbella. It’s one of the world’s most important nesting sites for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. Here you can see thousands of turtles on the beach AND surf amazing waves. This is a wave for advanced and intermediate surfers. Ostional is about a 2 hour drive from Tamarindo. When it’s the turtle season, our guides like to go surf and then stay after sunset to watch the turtles. You will think you have stepped back in time when you visit this secluded, picturesque beach with perfect, uncrowded waves.

5. Playa Guiones

Playa Guiones is down south from Ostional. Guiones is perfect for intermediate level surfers because the wave is nice and smooth, with an easy drop and long-riding waves, which is also perfect for advance people that like to do cutbacks, floaters etc. Guiones is an exposed beach and reef break that has consistent surf, so these “gentle giants” can work at all stages of the tide, which makes it perfect for a full-day trip.

6. Playa Secret Spot

We won’t tell you too much about this secret spot. We can only show you, and then we have to kill you. Kidding! (sort of) It’s for advanced surfers and you can only can get there by boat. It’s an incredible left and can be a throaty right. Sshhhhhh…..

7. Playa Grande

Playa Grande, a beach north of Playa Tamarindo, is the most consistent beach-break around the area. Playa Grande is located in Las Baulas National Marine Park and is home to many leatherback sea turtles.

Playa Grande is for intermediate and advanced level surfers. It typically breaks at shoulder to head-high, and sometimes much bigger. Playa Grande is about 20 minutes from the surf camp or only 5 Minutes by boat!

8. Playa SSsshhhhhh…

Secret Spot that works only when the swell comes from a certain direction. Not a lot of people know about it, so it’s great when everywhere else is crowded! This spot is for advanced surfers who can ride fast going both left and right.

9. Witch’s Rock

World-class wave. It’s name come from the legend of a witch living on the rock. Witch’s Rock is a consistent beach break, offering left and rights. Witch’s Rock is located in Playa Naranjo, which is part of the Santa Rosa National Park.

This beach break became famous in the Endless Summer II Movie.

10. Ollie’s Point

The best way to get there is by boat, so when the tide gets low at Witch’s you can buzz over to Ollie’s point (which is the only way to access it). Ollie’s point is a point break, offering a long nice right with multiple sections. It holds a lot of size and is normally better with some solid swell.

Amazing waves aside, one of the best parts of surfing in Costa Rica is our breath taking sunsets and beautiful scenery. When you are surfing fun waves while looking at the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer, nothing can be wrong.

We look forward to surfing with you!

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