A Tribute to Costa Rican Craft Beer


Believe it or not, Costa Rica wasn’t always the craft beer haven of Central America that it is today. In fact, barely a decade ago, it was hard to find anything other than the classic beach beers, Imperial and Pilsen. Now, admittedly, I have had my fair share of Imperials, but sometimes the occasion calls for more. A light crisp beach beer is great, but often one’s pallet yearns for something full bodied, something bitter, something dark. Thankfully as the 2010s rolled in, craft beer rolled into Costa Rica and in 2012 Asociación de Cerveceros Artesanales de Costa Rica — Costa Rica’s Association of Craft Brewers was formed. Here at WRSC we want you to get to know all things Costa Rica, and that includes the great craft breweries from around the country, and the beer that they brew. So crack open a cold one, dive in, and enjoy!

1. Costa Rican Craft Brewing Company

Costa Rica Craft Brewing Company is one of the oldest and most established craft breweries in all of Central America. Before them, it literally was just Pilsen and Imperial. Costa Rica Craft Brewing Co pushed new and exciting beers into the market and inspired many others to do the same. They are most known for Libertas Tropical Golden Ale, Red Ale Segua, and their wide selection of seasonal beers. They are located in San Jose, so next time you fly into the capital pop over for a cold one!

2. Treintaycinco Fábrica Artesanal de Cervezas

Located in San Jose, Treintaycinco Brewery is perhaps the fastest growing brewery in all of Costa Rica. Like many on this lists, the founders at Treintaycinco were fed up with the state of beer in Latin America. They set out to make beer options that were stronger, more flavorful, and full bodied then the rest of market. The name “Treintaycinco” comes from the Costa Rican police code for a crazy person “35.” Treintaycinco offers 10 beers, all of which have an Alc/Vol of 6.5% or higher. Their masterly crafted flavorful concoctions have created quite the stir in the beer world of Latin America.

3. Bri Bri Springs Brewery

Bri Bri Springs was founded by former Vermont resident J.T Ficociello and is located in Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. . While their founder might not be native to Costa Rica, their ingredients are definitely local. Their great selection of beers features natural Costa Rican Ingredients like: pineapple, mango, cocoa, and raw sugar cane. The brewery overlooks the beautiful Playa Negra.

4. Volcano Brewing Co

Did you think we would forget our very own Volcano Brewing Company? Volcano Brewing Company splashed into the Costa Rican beer scene in 2011, filling the great craft beer void in Tamarindo. Thanks to Volcano Brewing Co, visitors and locals alike can enjoy more full bodied flavorful beers than the traditional beach beers. Brew master Nikki Hurren cooks up famous hits such as the Gato Malo Dark Ale and Witch’s Rock IPA. Nikki has big plans for Volcano Brewing Co in the future, including the addition of a saison and hefeweizen to the already stellar roster of classic brews. There are even rumors of a beer boat tour in the works! So when you’re in Tamarindo, stop in for a cold one and say hi!

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