Firewire Longboards: TJ Pro Model Board Review

As Costa Rica’s Official DEMO Center for FireWire Surfboards, we can not but help (actually it’s our job) to try as many of the new boards that come through the doors. This review is not only my opinion but we have sat down and spoke with our feet on the sand, surf coaches, all and any of our staff that has taken the board for a slide.

The Firewire TJ Pro Model, developed in collaboration with renowned longboarder Taylor Jensen, is designed to take your longboarding experience to new heights.

Enhanced Performance:

The Firewire TJ Pro Model, meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology and utmost attention to detail, significantly augments your longboarding performance. Don’t be scared by the ‘PRO’ in the name; it’s designed to deliver high performance, but it isn’t exclusively for advanced surfers. We all agreed that the board excelled in terms of responsiveness and maneuverability, allowing for precise turns and seamless transitions between maneuvers. Its sleek design and refined outline make it an ideal choice for those seeking to push the boundaries of high-performance longboarding, while also allowing novice longboarders to test their limits in the surf.

firewire tj pro detail surfboard taylor jensen Costa Rica official demo center Tamarindo witchsrocksurfcamp

Optimized Design for Maximum Glide:

The TJ Pro Model proved ideally suited to the waves in our region. Our coaches took it from out front to the peaks of Playa Grande, down to the long walls of Nosara, and all arrived at the same conclusion: this board’s design elements optimize glide and sustain momentum on the wave. The single concave bottom contour of the board ensures lift and speed, facilitating effortless trim and extended nose rides. Additionally, the refined rails and tail shape enhance control and responsiveness, allowing for smooth and graceful transitions from rail to rail. It’s true to its description – it’s a performance board that truly PERFORMS!

surf coach Andrey Suazo testing tj pro cruising fast firewire demo center Tamarindo
Captured in action, coach Andrey pushes the boundaries of the TJ Pro Model right on our home break, skillfully navigating through fast-paced sections.

Durability and Eco-Friendliness:

Firewire is renowned for its commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices, and the TJ Pro Model is a testament to this. Constructed using their signature Timbertek technology, the board has admirably withstood the relentless Costa Rican sun and the constant activity of our rental fleet. The durability of the Timbertek construction is a standout feature that has us truly appreciating this type of construction. It’s durable, environmentally friendly, and looks beautiful too. What’s not to love?


In conclusion, we find the TJ Pro Model to be a remarkable longboard, offering exceptional performance and versatility, thereby standing out as an excellent choice for surfers seeking to elevate their longboarding experience. The board isn’t designed for the novice surfer, and we highly recommend having some experience under your belt, as the sleeker design and lower volume could affect your normal wave count. But as you get accustomed to trimming down the line, pushing your turns just a bit more, and seeking more responsiveness in the pocket of the wave, this board will open many doors for your surfing. We approach every review with the attitude that we are enthusiasts, not experts, and a group of people passionate about our love of all things surfing, offering just our humble opinion. If you’re ever staying with us at the camp or merely passing by the shop, we invite you all to drop by the Demo center, grab a board, and give it a whirl, because if you don’t go, you’ll never know!


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