Thursday Surf Report

Strong offshore winds and a low tide. The waves are around knee to thigh high. Overall the conditions are clean, just the wrong tide and swell size for Tamarindo. In the next couple of days, we can expect a lot of rain which can result in poor water quality.

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Friday Surf Report

The swell has filled in this morning, giving us 4-5ft waves. Right now, we are at peak high tide, which has brought in too much water. The waves are a little lumpy and harder to catch because of this. Overall, if the wind stays offshore, the waves will get better as the tide drops.

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Wednesday Surf Report

The current conditions are looking great. We have offshore winds until 11am and a swell of 2-3ft. We are also coming down from peak high tide, which is creating some nice A frames at Playa Langosta. I hope everyone gets the chance to paddle out.

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Monday Surf Report

The conditions this morning are calm winds with a SSW swell of 4ft at 11 second periods. The product of these conditions are clean and soft waves that are coming in at 2-3ft. Wind will pick up throughout the day but will die down at sunset, giving us another window of glassy surf.

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Friday Surf Report

This morning's conditions were pretty clean with low winds and a mid tide around 8 am. The swell is around 4-5ft with a 13 second period. Right now we are reaching the bottom of low tide and the wind is picking up. Hopefully the wind dies down this afternoon and we can get a glassy session before sun down.

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