When You Learn to Surf With Your Family, Magic Happens


Krista 5This week, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp held a social media contest. We asked to hear your stories and experiences from your time at our camp, and WOW! We got so many inspiring stories!

We chose Carolyn Wheeler as our winner of a week long stay at the Pueblo Dorado Surf Hotel. Her story is a great example of what we are all about at WRSC: Getting people out of their comfort zone to build confidence, creating and awakening life long connections with family and new friends, and most of all: learning to surf!

Read Carolyn’s experience:

“Our time at Witch’s Rock has been more than I ever could have hoped for. Having a pre-teen can be challenging and it’s not always easy to connect with my daughter who is more interested in video games and the Disney Channel and not hanging out with her mother. So I’m always looking to find experiences and travel destinations that will pique her interest and get her to unplug and engage.

When I found Witch’s Rock two years ago I thought that this could be a fun and unique trip for the two of us. As a child growing up in Southern California, I used to spend as much free time at the beach as possible. And when I got to my high school years I picked up surfing and would grab my board and head out to catch the waves as often as I could. But now that I live in Nevada I am land locked and my daughter has never had the luxury of being able to pop down to the ocean and certainly learning how to surf was pretty far off the radar for her. Picking Witch’s Rock was the best way to get me back on the board after nearly 30 years away from surfing and the perfect way for my daughter to being her surfing journey.

The trip couldn’t have been more perfect! When we arrived it was as though we were whisked away to paradise. We were immediately made to feel like we were at home. The staff was friendly and the service was amazing. And after a chance to rest from our flight we were ready for our lessons to begin.

The waves were glassy and perfect for my daughter’s first lesson and for my getting back on the board. And to both of our surprise – we stood up by the time our first lesson was over. This gave us an entire week to build our skills and fall in love with surfing (for me all over again). When our lessons were over we enjoyed hanging out with the other “campers” and meeting people from all over the world. The friendships we made that week have continued 2 years later and we still stay in touch with many of our fellow grommets.

Probably the most wonderful thing about our trip was watching my daughter truly push herself and find that she can do something that she never imagined and that she can do this side by side with her mother. The confidence that she built during her week at Witch’s Rock was inspiring. I can’t thank you enough for this gift. She walked off of the beach with a sense of pride that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Learning how to surf can be physically and emotionally challenging. Each time she get knocked off of a wave she picked herself up and wanted to hit the next one and prove to me (and most importantly to herself) that she could do this. And when she returned home from the trip, she was beaming as she told everyone her surf stories and how she caught some epic waves. All I can say is “that’s my girl!”

Our experience was just beyond amazing – so much so that we went back again this year. And when we did we were lucky enough to stay at the camp where we met even more friends. We can’t wait to come back next year where we will be signing up for the Intermediate program!!!!!!

Thank you again!
Carolyn Wheeler”




Thank you, Carolyn and everyone else who submitted your stories. Your feedback is what helps us to stay on the right track and to even improve. Please always keep your stories coming. We love hearing from you!

Pura Vida!


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