Cheap Flights to Costa Rica: A Complete List for 2019

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, booking a great flight is an important step. So how do you start?

First, realize there are 2 international airports in Costa Rica: Liberia (LIR) and San Jose (SJO).

Liberia, Costa Rica is only half an hour to the Pacific coast and only one hour to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. This is definitely the preferred airport to fly into.

Direct flights to Liberia, Costa Rica: updated for 2019

As you can see, most of the direct flights to Liberia originate from the USA and Canada. This is the most convenient way to get to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, and we provide airport transportation to/from the Liberia Airport included free with all of our surf packages.

San Jose, Costa Rica offers many routes that Liberia doesn’t, and often at a cheaper price. It takes about 3.5 – 4 hours to drive to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp from San Jose. You can also take a 45 minute local flight, a private shuttle, a taxi, or even one of the national bus lines. Depending on your personal circumstances, San Jose might be a viable option for you.

Direct flights to San Jose, Costa Rica: updated for 2019

There are more flights arriving to San Jose than Liberia, especially for travelers arriving from Europe. These flights can be cheaper, but the downside is that it takes longer to get to Tamarindo. If you’re flying with a big group, on a budget, and if you have more time to travel, this might be a good option for you.

For finding the cheapest flights to Costa Rica, the websites we use and suggest that you check out include Kayak, Expedia, Priceline, and directly on the airline’s websites.

If you’re planning on traveling with your surfboard, make sure to check with the airline to learn how much they’ll charge for the extra baggage fee (usually $150-200 each way). Fortunately, unlimited use of surfboards is included free with all surf packages at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.

If you need help figuring out flights for your upcoming trip, or if you have any questions about anything at all, we are here to help. Call or email us today and let our team of expert trip planners take care of everything. Pura vida!

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