Celebrate with Surf: Introducing Our Birthday, Anniversary, and Honeymoon Discounts on Costa Rica Surfing Vacations



Somewhere along the the way while we’ve been building Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, we’ve become pretty darn good at hosting birthday parties, honeymoons or anniversaries.

It makes sense… We’re a vacation spot on the beach in Costa Rica that’s large enough to take care of your needs and capable of pulling off some pretty awesome stuff, but still small enough to know you and your group by name and provide a unique type of personal care & attention not found in larger hotels.

And besides, what a better way to commemorate a special event than by learning to surf or going on a surf trip in Costa Rica with family & friends. You also have your Costa Rican family  & friends  here at the Surf Camp if you decide you want to come down by yourself and celebrate your birthday with a solo surf trip.

So with that in mind, we’re excited to announce our Birthday, Anniversary, and Honeymoon Deals on Costa Rica Surfing Vacations here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp at Playa Tamarindo.

Here’s how each works-


Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Honeymoon Package

Your Deal: 10% discount off regularly priced Surf Camp package + special Honeymoon care package*

 Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Anniversary Package

Your Deal; Number of years married = The % of discount received off regularly priced Surf  Camp package+ special Anniversary care package

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Birthday Package

Your Deal: Your age divided by 2 = The % discount received off regularly priced Surf Camp package + special Birthday care package*


*Special Care Packages can include the following (all dependent on time of year, weather, # of people in your group):

  • Beachdfront Dinner
  • Guests on Pirate Radio show
  • Celebratory cake
  • Access to our creative team.
  • Mariachis
  • Flowers in their room
  • Bar tab for Eat at Joe’s or El Vaquero
  • Custom Tee shirts or Rashguards

If you have any ideas that weren’t mentioned, or any questions at all about how these promotions work, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-318-7873(SURF). You can also contact us here by e-mail, skype or live chat and one of the lovely ladies in the reservations office will be happy to help you.

If you’ve already booked a surf trip with us, we won’t be able to apply this discount to your trip, however let us know what you’re celebrating and we can help make your trip  is an extra special one.

We were lucky to have a couple of previous WRSC guests who have celebrated special life events here in the past share reviews of  their experiences below

Take a look-




“Although I submitted a review on TripAdvisor, I wanted to send y’all an email anyway – mainly because I enjoyed my stay so much that I can’t thank WRSC enough. I booked this trip hoping to have an amazing 30th birthday experience, and y’all exceeded my wishes in every aspect. The decision to come to WRSC alone was a bit scary for me, especially with the dirty 30 looming ahead, but I had a gut feeling that the trip would be well worth it and wow, y’all did not disappoint! Completely filled my heart with pure happiness when I was greeted with cake and mariachis for my birthday! Y’all will never know just how much that meant to me, and I am eternally grateful for your kind gesture. I could go on and on about the friendly staff, the good food, the nice accommodations, the perfect location, the beautiful view – but the greatest part of my trip and the part I’m missing the most is my surf lessons with Pako! I had attempted surfing
before during a previous stay in Tamarindo, but not with WRSC – big mistake!

It. Was. Awful.

Needless to say, I was a total wreck when I first met with Pako. It is a true testament to his incredible teaching skills, that by the end of my stay, he had me catching my own waves like a champ! Well, a beginner champ, but a champ nonetheless. He made the whole process so much fun, always had a great attitude and tons of patience! I couldn’t be happier with his instruction, and I hope to be paired up with him during my future trips! There was a particularly beautiful moment – I had just rode a sweet wave, was paddling back out, I asked Pako if I had stood up at the right time and he said “si perfecto” – with the sun setting on us in the background as we waited for the next sweet wave, I couldn’t help but think to myself …

Yes. This. Is. Perfect.

Muchisimas gracias por todo <3

Lots of love,
Kristina L.


Birthdays (1)


Hey there…

Been home a week and settling back into the routine….I just wanted to send a quick note and let you guys all know Bridget and I had an incredible time for our 10th year Anniversary! It was an amazing trip and one that we will are truly thankful. The staff at Witches Rock was awesome. So fun, inviting, and warm….it helped us relax, put the guards down, and have some fun right out of the gate.
Please let me know where the best place I can post a review and spread the good word that is Witches Rock Surf Camp!!

You guys do a tremendous job!!

Thank you. Thank you very much!!!


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