Employee Spotlight | Marita Obando Cruz

There’s nothing more welcoming than a warm breakfast and an even warmer smile from Marita in the morning. As one of the longest standing Witch’s Rock employees, Marita loves taking time to really meet, and converse with, the guests. With her soft spoken demeanor, Marita is a regal example of a Guanacasteca woman who enjoys life at a comfortable pace. Witch’s Rock wouldn’t be the same without Marita so we decided to take a few refreshing moments to catch up in this month’s employee spotlight.

How long have you been working at WRSC? 
On November 5th of this year, I will have worked at Witch’s Rock for 10 years.
What is your position at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp?  
At the moment, I am the captain of the waiters and waitresses in our restaurants, Eat at Joe’s and El Vaquero.
What is your favorite time of year to be in Tamarindo? 
My favorite time of year is during high season when there are more people in town and more work for everyone. It’s so exciting and we’re much busier. So I would say from the beginning of December until the end of April is my favorite time in Tamarindo.
Who are your favorite types of guests? 
I identify mostly with children at the camp and also their parents. I love talking to the kids especially because they’re very sweet and innocent.
What guest(s) do you remember most? 
I remember many of the guests who are frequent visitors like Brian C., David C., Gene and Joseph, Monty E., Roger H… There are several more faces I can see, but I don’t remember the names. I recently saw a little girl in the restaurant that I recognized from when she was a baby. It was very cute to meet her again now that she is 5 years old.  We even had a photo of her and her parents when she was a baby that we showed her and it was a wonderful surprise.
Have you ever tried surfing?
I’ve never tried to surf because I’m a little nervous. All the instructors ask to take me on a lesson but I haven’t gone yet…
What makes working at WR special? 
My work is made special by all the people who are involved in the hotel. Th guests, the employees… everyone! And it starts from he top with the owner, Joe, who has always  been very pura vida with us. I’ve felt like part of the Witch’s Rock family since the beginning. If one of us had a bad day, there’s always have someone to talk to and offer support.
What’s the secret for Costa Ricans’ longevity?
I believe that staying lively and working makes us live longer. We’re always doing something with our hands and it keeps our mind clear. Also the Guanacaste typical music. We love to dance, party and be happy in our culture.
What’s your favorite menu item at Joe’s?
All the plates are very good but I love the seafood since we get it fresh. You need to try the shrimp and rice (arroz con camarones) , seafood soup and ceviche.

Want to get down here yourself and tell Marita how awesome and appreciated she is? Contact us at 1-888-318-7873 to set up your next surf trip. Pura Vida!

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