Get Out & Surf Podcast Ep. 38 | Surviving A Crocodile Attack with Jon Becker

In July 2016, Jon Becker was paddling across the Tamarindo Estuary in Costa Rica after surfing — something that every Tamarindo local has done once or twice… We all heard about what happened next. The crocodile attack, the lost leg, and the long recovery ahead.

How do you come back from something like that?

Jon Becker had a choice. He could see himself as the unluckiest man for being attacked by a crocodile, or as the luckiest man for having survived. He chose the latter.

For the first time, Jon opens up in detail to the crew at the Get Out and Surf podcast. Jon vividly recalls the events of July 22nd, his recovery, and eventual return to surfing. Little teaser: Jon celebrated his return to surfing with a family trip to Cloudbreak in Fiji.

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