Help Me Change My Vacation from Nicaragua to Costa Rica

We recently received an email from a lady in Louisiana asking if it was too late to change her travel plans. We posted it up and asked both locals and tourists for their input.

*While we’re always excited to meet new guests, our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua, we wish them all love, peace, and prosperity. ❤

Good morning,

I came across your information on Google while trying to find a way to change my vacation from Nicaragua to Costa Rica.

For months, my husband, three children and I have been excited about our trip to Nicaragua in August. Now, however, with the violent protests and travel advisory, we do not feel comfortable heading there, especially with three children.

The good news is, the tickets we purchased fly us into the Liberia airport, giving us hope to just stay in Costa Rica.

I fear that it’s far too late to make reservations now for August and that we’re so unfamiliar with the country.

Before contacting you, I spent some time researching the different areas, though it’s a lot of information to process with so little time to plan. We’d like to stay within a few hour drive of the airport while enjoying some of our previously scheduled activities. In Nicaragua, we wanted to spend time at the beach, see the volcanoes, zip line, horseback ride, and visit Ometepe and Granada.

Would you happen to have any rooms available in the first two weeks of August that can accommodate a family of five? Our kids are 9, 6 and 3 years old and we’d like to stay for nine nights.

Also, would you please give me some suggestions to explore regarding tours and similar activities to our plans in Nicaragua? I’d like to get some things booked so we can finally relax and start looking forward to our trip again.

Thank you for all your help, and I hope to see you in August!


Brooke D.

While we took care of Brooke and her family, we turned the suggestions for fun things to do over to our guests and staff. Here are some of their ideas: 😊

1. My family’s obvious choice is a Guanacaste beach every year. Come to CR once and you will quickly realize everyone is very nice and there are so many places you’ll enjoy visiting.

2. Great news! In Costa Rica there are many places worth exploring including some adventures you won’t find in Nicaragua! CR will be much more lush and biodiverse than they will at this time of year. Just grab a guidebook and start choosing some interesting spots near Liberia – you will never regret coming here!

3. Were it me, I would just book next year’s trip to Costa Rica now along with this one. Nicaragua is in an uproar, this is no tiny scuffle this isn’t going away any time soon. On a positive note, Tamarindo is a fun place to visit with some great surfing, restaurants and other fun things to do.

4. It would be a drive, but if you can get to Arenal do the volunteer tour at Proyecto ASIS, it’s really amazing, especially if you have any animal lovers in your group.

5. You’re still not in the thick of tourist season if you come in August. If I had nine days, I would rent a BIG SUV and divide the vacation into three parts:

Bijagua – Tenorio NP (Rio Celeste) & Cano Negro wetlands

Arenal/La Fortuna – this is where you find the horses, zip lines, hanging bridges & hot springs

• And of course a coastal destination; Tamarindo. It has a really cool local vibe, the people are friendly, the surfing is safe & it’s great for kids

6. Arenal all the way for adventure and volcanoes! You might want to book an adventure tour or just go hiking on your own. If you are looking to see wildlife, though I would get a guide. Guanacaste is where you go for swimming and beaches without a doubt. If you don’t want to rent a car, consider hiring a private shuttle, they know the roads best and use small vans big enough for your family.

Thanks for the great ideas! We can’t wait to meet Brooke and her family!

For further information on the travel conditions in Costa Rica:

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