Intermediate Surfer – Guided Coaching – New Program at WRSC

If you’re like most surfers, you don’t fantasize about riding giants, you’d just like to surf better (or suck less). Let’s face it, most of us are intermediates, happy to rip ripples.

Here at WRSC, we’ve helped turn scores of beginners into intermediate surfers through our surf school, much of the staff included. I fall squarely into that category myself; just trying to suck less. My goals are pretty earthbound–I’ll be happy to improve my “old-man style”, and judging by most of the folks in the lineup, I’m hardly alone.

Those of us lucky enough to live and work here get to surf with great instructors all the time, and the little tips they give us make a big difference. Knowing how valuable that coaching can be, we’ve created a new program for all of our guests who are at that level–somewhere in the middle.

Intermediate Guided Coaching:

This new program combines some elements of our more advanced surf tours, but offers coaching in and out of the water. With Guided Coaching, the group size remains small (three surfers with a guide) and travels to breaks outside Tamarindo by boat and van. The guideswork closely with each individual guest on the skills they need to move to a new level.

Go better right than left (or vice versa)? Want to improve your ability to read waves and pop up on steeper faces? Ready to try a smaller board? Or maybe you’re ready for tips on landing a small floater or carving a big turn on the face of a wave?

Through a combination of in-water evaluation, video analysis, and seminars–not to mention all the natural advantages of warm tropical water and some of the most consistent waves in the world–we can help you progress to a whole new point in your surfing. Ready to get shacked in the barrel? Maybe you’re closer than you think! Call us today at 1-888-318-SURF and inquire about dates for your next surfing vacation.

Pura Vida,


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