Out With A Bang…Adios Dubious Decade!


The festivities are already ramping up at the camp, and the first decade of the new millennium has only got a few hours to go.  Should be a great party tonight, in part because almost everyone I talk to is ready to say goodbye to the past ten years and get on with the next.   For the most part, this decade won’t be missed.

Globally, let’s face it…the last ten years has served up a steady diet of crap sandwich.  9/11, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,  Hurricane Katrina, Asian Tsunami, Earthquake in Haiti, Global Financial Meltdown, Bernie Madoff, Kardashians on every TV station…there’s been plenty to hate of late.

Locally, it’s been a different story.  The last ten years has seen the steady growth of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp along with the town of Tamarindo.  Sure, there have been plenty of challenges, but many more great waves and good times with our ever-growing posse of friends.  Compared to all the disaster and despair around the world, life in surf paradise has continued to be damn near all it is cracked up to be.

There might be a simple lesson here.  Yes, it’s a cliche to say, but it’s tough to actually live:  Get those waves now, not later.  Build your life around the things and people you love.  Nobody knows what’s next, so pack in the experiences that really matter.

Joe and Holly were young and foolish enough to follow their hearts at the start of this decade, and as the final hours of 2010 tick down, we’re all sure glad they were adventurous enough to jump on that old school bus to come down here.

We forget sometimes, because even in Paradise we all work hard and life happens no matter where you are, but WRSC continues to be an oasis of happiness.  Surf camp life is pretty sweet.

To finish up this post, and wish you all a Happy New Year, there are a lot of heavyweights I could quote, but “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was on the TV last night, and I think he said it about as well as anyone:

“Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” –Ferris Bueller.

Happy New Year!


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