Voted on the island!


We are just back from an amazing 8 day tour on our surf yacht Zori to the southern Nicaragua surf zone. Joe and I were super excited about this trip not only for the surfing but because of the extensive work we’d been putting into Zori over the past 6 weeks. We added two wind turbine generators to supplement (and eventually replace) the diesel generator, a refrigerator/freezer and a TV/DVD, remodeled our staterooms, put in new windows all the way around the salon and installed a grand shade canopy over the back deck.

It can be a bit nerve-wracking when we’re getting ready for a trip put together of guests who don’t all know each other. This trip included two Navy guys from Virginia, a research scientist from New Jersey, and two professional fishermen from the San Francisco Bay Area. Add the personalities of our guide Joe, our Captain Charlie and crew Alonzo…. and me, the lone woman. All concerns about personalities and habits (and my worries about being on board with all that testosterone) disappeared as we quickly settled into our new home for the week. As Project Manager for Zori I was only supposed to go for the first two days to make sure the boat was dialed in. Our group gelled so well though that the guys voted me “on the island” for the whole trip. Hard duty, eh?
You have got to come stay on this boat and surf with us. Zori lives large!!! We had the best food, a bottomless supply of beverages, super comfortable sleeping quarters, fresh water showers for everybody every day, plenty of deck space to spread out, and of course the pleasure of just cruising on the boat, looking for waves – with the complete luxury of knowing we could stop the boat and surf every time we wanted to.
Captain Charlie and Crew Alonzo took great care of us. Charlie is a stellar captain and fisherman and almost as good a cook, so there was no shortage of spectacular food to fuel our surfing energy. Alonzo attended to all the small details so our guests could stay comfortable and ready to surf. I just kind of wandered around the boat with a permanent smile on my face. Oh, okay – I cooked a couple of meals, made a few rum and cokes, fetched a few beers… and we all caught a shit-ton of waves.
Zori is quickly becoming popular – we have six confirmed trips over the next three months and are planning out the future calendar now. We can make a group of “strangers” or you can make your own group. Call us (888-318-7873) to get more information, and look for updated, detailed web content coming soon of the Surf yacht page of our website. We hope you’ll join us soon for another grand surfing adventure on Zori!
Valerie Jahns 2/27/10



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