How to Pack for a Surf Trip in a Developing Country

Travel Medical Pack

Here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, we are prepping for our fourth trip to Peru and we have been getting a lot of questions about what is needed for a surf trip to a developing country like Peru. I thought that I might share my short list of what prep work you need and what to bring should you ever go surfing off the beaten path.

Here is my recommended list:

* Check with the CDC to see what vaccines are recommend for the country you are traveling to.If you are going to more than one country, make sure you have all vaccines that you need to enter all the countries.For example, if I want to come back to Costa Rica after visiting Peru, I have to have my Yellow Fever shot, along with the proper documentation.
* Make sure all of your regular vaccines (tetanus and the like) are up to date.
* First aid kit including (but not limited to):
* Band aids – No brainer
* Hydrogen peroxide – good for cleaning cuts and your ears! Bring it or get it in country
* Imodium, Kaopectatee II, Imodium A-D or some other loperamide based drug – you know why.
* Ibuprofen cause even a little pain is not fun
* If you take any regular medications, be aware that they are not always available in foreign countries so make sure you bring enough to last.
* Duct tape – cause you only need it when you don’t have it and it fixes EVERYTHING
* Copy of your passport – when you arrive, try to get a copy made with the page with the entry stamp.
* If you are ever unsure about the water, drink bottled.If bottled might not be available all the time, bring iodine tablets.
* If you decide that you can’t part with your own here is a list if airlines and surfboard policies but always double check with your airline. For a few extra tips on how to pack a board, check out this video.
* Bring the basic surf necessities – wax for the right temps, ding repair kit, a leash plus a spare
* Above all, pack light and pack cheap.You don’t want to have to carry a heavy bag full of expensive things only to have it stolen.

Hope this list is helpful for all of you surf adventurers.Have a great trip and have fun!


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