Airlines Hate Surfboards & Why You Should Rent Instead

I was sitting on an airplane waiting to debark in LIR when the baggage truck rolled up and the airline guys started offloading the luggage. The window seat gave me a perfect vantage point to watch the guys work while waiting for the doors to open. First off: a short board bag, tossed onto one corner of the baggage cart. Ouch! Second off: a long board case, thrown on top of the short board. WTF? I wondered what kind of boards were in the bags, and whether or not their owners were bound for WRSC. Last time I shipped a board, packed with great care and lots of pipe insulation, bubble wrap and towels, it arrived with the nose smashed as though it had been shoved hard into a wall. I hoped these boards would fare better…

Next item – a large suitcase, tossed on its side next to the surfboards. Another question came to my mind: were they going to leave those surfboards laying there while they filled the whole cart? Within three minutes I had my answer: Yes they were, and they were going to throw a lot of large, heavy suitcases directly on top of them.

We have a good quiver here at WRSC and we’re adding new boards all the time. You can leave your boards at home, surf ours, and for just a few bucks a week take advantage of our board rental insurance program that saves you the worry of paying for dings, broken fins, and snapped leashes.

We can’t wait to take you surfing! See you soon… Valerie

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