Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Changed My Life


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Surfing… and Witch’s Rock Surf Camp literally changed my life!


I learned to surf 8 years ago in Maui. I was a NY fashion girl straight out of my MBA program when my friend and I booked a trip to Hawaii to learn to surf. After my first wave, I was hooked. Surfing became an immediate obsession.

I had just graduated, was looking for a job, and was in the death-throes of a 11 year relationship. What I loved about surfing was that I had to be in the present moment. I couldn’t worry about anything other than catching my next wave. I couldn’t sit there and ruminate… I was surfing!

I had an amazing time in Maui, but then I returned to NYC to a long, flat, rainy summer. By August, I still hadn’t scored any waves in New York, so I Googled “surf camp” and found Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo. I booked my ticket and had the best time of my life! On my first day, I had a beginner surf lesson out front in the mellow Tamarindo surf. My instructor was so impressed with my surfing ability that he upgraded me to the intermediate tours for the rest of the trip. What a great program! I was totally surfed out every day, surfing 4 or more hours at local breaks all within a short drive or boat trip.

I went back to NYC and immediately booked another trip for the following October with my best buds. Another terrific time and great surf! I went home and, once again, booked my third trip to WRSC. Another stellar trip!  Basically I was in Tamarindo surfing every chance I got!

Meanwhile, in the rest of my life, I worked in high fashion. I worked really long days in fabulous clothes and killer heels, but I was always dreaming of ditching it all for a pair of flip flops, a collection of bikinis, and a surfboard. After 2 ½ years and about 17 trips to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, I finally made the move to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I ditched my job at Chanel, sold a bunch of my clothes and bags, and moved down!

Now that I’m here, I surf every day for hours in paradise. However, in the beginning, I got really frustrated with how flimsy  most of the bikinis were. This inspired me to design Mi Ola: Sexy Bikinis that Stay On. We make the best bikinis not only for surfing, but also for women who don’t want to worry about losing their top when they are playing in the waves, reaching over to grab their book, etc. We’ve been featured in SELF, Life&Style, and Goldfish Kiss, and have been written up as the best bikinis for surfing by GrindTV and ESPN.Check out our website! Once you wear Mi Ola, you’ll never go back (to an inferior bikini.)

I owe my life to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. None of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t booked the first trip down.


Check out Mi Ola and make your trips to the beach better.
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