Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Photographer Search Update



A few weeks ago, we put the word out in a blog post that we were in the hunt for an awesome, skilled photographer to work with us on some of our ongoing projects.

The response? Well, let’s just say it was a bit overwhelming. Photographers from literally all over this earth reached out and shared some of their absolutely amazing work with us. Needless to say, the pool of talent we have to choose from is infinite. As it turns out, so is our need for great photography

For the time being, we’ve selected a photographer for this position. Don’t fret though, we have everyone’s applications on file and will be calling more photographers as we need them.

Also, if you would ever like to share your work with thousands of like-minded people, feel free to send them into us and we’ll share them with others, all while giving you credit of course.

Thanks again for all of your time, effort & attention. Please continue to follow the Witch’s Rock Surf Camp story!




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