WRSC Employee Profile : Lavinia Pandis

Do you know Lavinia? She’s literally one of the best female surfers you’ll meet in Costa Rica and we’re so lucky to have her on our team. She offers a mixture of  expert instruction combined with compassion and playfulness. If you’ve had a lesson or tour with Lavinia, you’ve surely seen some top-level shredding and hopefully taken away some key pointers to improve your own surfing. For this week’s employee profile, we sat down with Lavinia to understand what makes her one of the highest requested instructors at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.

Where are you from? Your age? And how long have you been working at Witch’s Rock Surf

I was born in Munich, Germany and raised in Costa Rica. I’m 28 years old. I have been working for about a year at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. 

When were you introduced into Surfing?

I was introduced to surfing when I moved to Tamarindo when I was 13. I learned right in front on Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my surfing style as smooth but powerful in my maneuvers. I love going down the line generating lots of speed.

Photo by Avellanas Surf Photos

What is your favorite wave in Costa Rica?

My favorite wave in CR is the majestic Witchs Rock. Such a perfect beach break with barrels, turn sections and long rides

Biggest mistake beginners make?

While standing, looking down on the board instead of looking forward or in the direction they’re going

Who are your favorite surf students?

The ones that are positive and motivated to learn no matter how challenging it gets. It’s always nice to work with kids who have big smiles on their faces no matter what.

How have you seen the female surf scene change over the years?

I see that every year there are more girls ripping and competing, it makes me feel great!

Photo by Avellanas Surf Photos
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