2009 WRSC Bus Tour Update

Hey All, Elizabeth here writing from the road. Rafa, Flash Ulices and I have found our way to Dominical on the WRSC School Bus.

Our journey started when we crashed in Joe´s Avellanas beach house were Chef Miguel cooked some amazing food and the first time surfers caught their first waves. After 2 nights, we woke up early and surfed at La Finca.

Krista at La Finca 

Tania at La Finca 

After surfing we drive south to Ostional where we saw Turtles laying eggs. It was kind of cool but really gross. We then made our way to Nosara where the guests and I got a little beat up and all us gringos learned why Turtle eggs are such popular eats.

Nosara Waves 

Keith at Nosara

From Nosara we drove to Manuel Antonio. On the way we stopped at this bridge were you can see ton of huge crocs. I shed a tear for Steve Irwin and was glad we don´t have ones as big or plentiful in Tamarindo. 

Giant Crocs that can kill you (Near Jaco) 

In Manuel Antonio, we saw even more crazy wild life and the most beautiful beaches. At the national park we saw sloths and several types of monkeys. We also surfed!

Howler Monkey 

Another Monkey (should have paid better attention to the guide)



It was in Manuel Antonio where we said goodbye to Ron and Bobby. They were definatly entertaining and we were sad to see them go. 

Ulices, Nancy, Giovanna, Tania, Me, Bobby, Ron, Krista, Stu and Donna, Flash and Keith

Yesterday we greeted 5 new guests and drove to Dominical. Tomorrow we head to Pavones.

And with that I will leave you with sunset at Manuel Antonio.



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