And that’s what happens when you come to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp …

We just got an email from two of our 5+ time repeat offender guests Stu and Donna (hi guys!), who sent us these fun photos of them with Cory and Cread (also 5-time repeaters), who they originally met here at WRSC and who they now meet up with in other parts of the world.

And that’s what happens when you come to WRSC , whether alone, with friends, or with your family. You meet people that you actually want to stay in contact with. Not just the occasional Facebook post kind of contact but legit, let’s plan an adventure together, kind of contact. Hell, that’s how I ended up traveling to Japan for three weeks!

For those of you who want to join our Wall of Shame (as Stu himself called it), drop us a line or send a shout-out to the buds that you have met while here at WRSC. We’re always stoked to know that we’ve been a catalyst for great friendships and adventures.

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