Ask Robert Anything!

To say that Robert August is an interesting individual would be a huge understatement… Now into his early 70’s, Robert has been a celebrity surf star and world traveler for over 50 years and has no shortage of uniquely hilarious stories. And only at WRSC can you casually hangout with Robert and pretty much ask him anything. Don’t be shy, Robert loves to share his accumulated wisdom with just about anybody! No question is too juicy 🙂


We are are starting a new segment, Ask Robert Anything. And we mean it when we say it; ask him A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

The very best questions will be asked live on Friday nights during the Pirate Radio Show between 5-7pm local time. Tune in here to see if your questions is selected!


You can ask Robert a Question through the following mediums:

-Email us at
-Contact us on our Contact Us Page
-Send us a Private Message on our Facebook Page
-Leave a Comment Below



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