Get Out and Surf Podcast: Catch More (and Better) Waves Anywhere. Ft. guest Ryan Waldron

Catching waves is not random like playing the lottery. It’s more like playing Black-Jack where an experienced player generally comes out on top, despite the perceived randomness of the game. Learning to read the ocean and correctly positioning yourself is like counting cards when it comes to catching more (and better) waves. On this episode of Get Out and Surf, Joe Walsh, Niki Hurran and Ryan Waldron share their top strategies to catch more & better waves wherever they’re surfing.

Ryan Waldron snagging a Central American gem / August 2017.

How To Catch More Waves Anywhere (with Ryan Waldron) - Episode #7 by Get Out and SURF

This episode is for anyone who wants to learn how to catch more waves in any lineup anywhere. Join Niki, myself, and premiere surfer Ryan "the Intern" Waldron as we break it all down and give you actionable surfing advice that will help you catch more waves starting NOW. ALSO...

Was that helpful? We also have a blog published on this topic if you’d prefer everything nicely laid out. Let’s hear from you now! If you have any useful strategies to catch more waves, share them! You can also listen to the podcast by visiting If you found this podcast helpful, please take a moment to:
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