Sometimes Surfing Leads to Love

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by: Nayereh Pater-Rov People often ask us how we met, and when we say, “At surf camp in Costa Rica,” they want to know more. So, here’s our story. It…

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How I Caught My First Wave

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by Ivano Stellato Ever since I can remember, I wanted to learn to surf.  Growing up in Toronto that dream seemed more like a fantasy than a reality but that…

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The 40-Year-Old Virgin Surfer

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By Terri Roberts I’d always wanted to learn how to surf. I just didn’t get there until phrases like maturing skin and middle-age spread became part of my regular vernacular.…

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Trial By Marbella

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by Amy Waeschle I stood in the idling boat with the others, our breaths collectively held. Fat ridges of swell were stacked to the sapphire-blue horizon, and one was steaming toward…

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Graduating from the Kiddie Pool

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Contributor: Chris Wirth My kids, Adrian and Avery, and I sit on our boards farther out from the beach than in our three previous days of surf lessons. As we…

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