Sometimes Surfing Leads to Love

by: Nayereh Pater-Rov

People often ask us how we met, and when we say, “At surf camp in Costa Rica,” they want to know more. So, here’s our story.

It was Ryan’s second trip to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, and my first. Ryan traveled from Toronto with his sister, brother-in-law and friends from their first visit to camp. I made the journey from New York City alone. We all wound up in the beginner surf group together. The first night of the week, Ryan’s sister invited us all to dinner at the Green Papaya, where we shared our excitement to go surfing every day that week.

Costa Rica is a special place where we wake up with the sun, learn to surf, meet new friends, eat delicious nachos and watch gorgeous sunsets. Ryan and I also connected over more than just the fun of surf camp and delicious food. We got lost in conversations about the magic of surfing, being humbled by the ocean, and following our life passions. In the water, things like salary, education, status, etc, is forgotten. All that matters is who’s having fun, riding a good wave or totally wiping out.

Since meeting at Witch’s Rock, surfing has taken us to Puerto Rico, Portugal, Montauk, British Columbia and Nova Scotia, but it always brings us back to Costa Rica. We have been to Witch’s Rock four times together, and have met awesome new friends every time. They are our surf family and our community continues to grow wherever we surf.

I have moved to Canada since then, and Ryan and I just got married in New York City! We had a small ceremony, in Central Park, and it was an absolutely magical day. In preparation for our wedding, we bought and repaired a surfboard for our family and friends to sign. Someone started a list, “Marriage is like surfing…” here are some of the things people wrote:

“The longer you do it, the better you’ll get at it.”

“You’re always on a tight leash!”

“You don’t always need pants.”

“It’ll take you new and exciting places.”

“If you feel like you’re drowning, just chill, you’ll be fine.”

“Don’t forget to wax.”

We’re headed back to Costa Rica in a few weeks, and if you are there, we’ll see you in the water!


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