Bus Tour 2009 Part 2


Hey all, Elizabeth again. Flash, Rafa, Ulices and I got back from the bus tour on Friday. Even though we had fun, we are all happy to be back in Tamarindo.

When I last wrote, we were about to head of to Pavones from Dominical. I thought it might be a good idea to let you all know what happened in Dominical and how the rest of the trip went.

The second week of the trip started out great with the addition of 5 new guests.

Kevin, Andrew, Kim, Tracy and Brian

We then made our way to Dominical. It was a fun, short drive from Quepos.

Palm hearts on the way to the factory. 


Dominical wave

That night we all had fun getting to know each other but the next day we got down to business at nearby Dominicalito. 

Kim at Dominicalito 

Krista at Dominicalito

The Crew (minus Rafa and Ulices)

From Dominical we drove the long drive to Pavones!

Lots of cows on the way to Pavones 

Paso Canoas = Panama and Costa Rica boarder = Free Trade Zone = Cheep Booze!

I have never been to Panama but now I have seen it.

This sign made us all very happy

Most of us on the bus during a pee break


While we were in Pavones several things became evident: 

1. The waves there are AWESOME

Pavones Wave

2. The locals can surf

3. The local kids can surf


I am still convinced that there was a local kid conspiracy to take all the waves.

Part of the Kid Gang

Pavones Kid / Gangsta

I know I loved Pavones and I am pretty sure that the guests did too, but eventually we had to leave. 

Bye bye Pavones 

We left Pavones just as the waves died and did the insane and drove to Avellanas in one day. We got there late at night and woke up early to a beautiful day with beautiful waves. After all the places we had surfed, Avellanas was a piece of cake and all the guests looked great. 




Hey! It’s me








While in Avellanas, we got someone else to take a group photo so Rafa finally made it in. 

Flash, Brian, Me, Keith, Nancy, Giovanna, Krista, Rafa, Kim, Tracy, Tania, Stu, Donna, Andrew and Kevin

And with that, I’ll say goodbye and wish the best of luck to our awesome guests! Keep Surfing.



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