Riding with Dos Locos: Your Gateway to the Legendary Waves of Witch’s Rock

For the thrill-seekers and wave riders who love to venture beyond the familiar, we at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp have an exhilarating announcement that will take your surfing adventures to new heights. We’re delighted to unveil our newest pride and joy, the “Dos Locos”, a sleek, state-of-the-art 28 ft power catamaran. Designed with a dual 2×200 HP Suzuki outboard setup, this vessel is built for speed and comfort, promising to whisk you away to the legendary, golden shores of Witch’s Rock, the inspiration behind our namesake.

The selection of “Dos Locos” boat was not by chance, it was carefully chosen by Joe, our founder, and CEO. Known for pushing boundaries to deliver experiences that he himself wants to share with our guests, he meticulously picked this boat from an array of options. His vision was to marry the adrenaline rush of adventure with the comfort that our guests deserve.

“Dos Locos” is a reflection of that vision. It boasts a top-loading rack for boards, plush, comfortable seating, an internal daybed for those much-needed rest periods, and a fully-stocked cooler to keep you hydrated. Ample shade ensures that our guests can recharge comfortably between epic surf sessions.

Riding with Dos Locos: Your Gateway to the Legendary Waves of Witch’s Rock

Our surf trips kick-off bright and early, With a hot cup of coffee from our Dawn Patrol Cafe in hand, our spirits high, and the boards loaded, we drive to the serene bay of Playa Panama. From there, Dos Locos charges up the coast for a day of thrill and excitement. This luxury service is now available for our advanced tours and anyone wishing to reserve the boat for a full day of surfing.

Witch’s Rock, the legendary wave off Playa Naranjo in North West Guanacaste, and our namesake, is an awe-inspiring spectacle of nature. This world-class beach break, part of the Santa Rosa National Park, is world renowned for its long lefts, rights, and the way it transforms into an exhilarating, leg-burning barrel during a swell. Featured in The Endless Summer II, Witch’s Rock is a testament to the pure, raw power and beauty of nature.
For those whose thirst for adventure knows no bounds, deeper within the Santa Rosa National Park lies Ollie’s Point. This hidden gem springs to life during a solid south swell, offering long right-handers that are sure to make your trip worthwhile.

This service is now available not only for our advanced tours but also for anyone who wishes to reserve the boat for an immersive full day of surfing. Whether you are an advanced surfer or someone looking to up the ante on their surfing experience, Dos Locos provides surfers with a unique platform to do just that.

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Surf’s up and see you on the lineup!

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