Cantina Night – Yet Another Thing To Do When Visiting Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

The crew at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is thrilled to announce the Weekly Cantina Night. The Camp will be taking guests to nearby Villareal for an authentic Tico night of Imperial, Karaoke and Bocas.

Every week, WRSC guides and guests will climb into a minibus and travel 15 minutes to a popular cantina in Villareal. Karaoke will be available for the daring, but a quick warning, people here can sing. The shuttle will run between the cantina and Witch’s Rock Surf Camp as needed.

Last week Owner Joe and GM Yana joined Flash, Alex (the dude who makes everything here work) and I for the fiesta. Rafa tagged along and took some photos.

Marc- the former King of Karaoke (Sorry Dude)

The new king of Karaoke

There was pool too.

Joe does things other than surf


Dancemaster Alex and some guests


Joe and Yana


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