Congratulations on 25 Years Tom and Dana!!

Congratulations on 25 Years!

We here at WRSC were thrilled to help our recent guest Tom Atwood arrange a surprise wedding vow renewal ceremony for his wife of 25 years, Dana. The two lovebirds strolled along the beach and renewed their vows in an intimate ceremony in front of the ocean and mountains right outside of our camp. Tom and Dana are from Marietta, Georgia, where he is a 25-year veteran of the Cobb County Police Department and she is the Regional Sales Director for UniPro Foodservice.

We asked Tom and Dana what the secret is for 25 years of marriage. “Realize that though you love each other, there will be many days when you don’t like each other! But in the heat of an argument, ALWAYS kiss goodnight,” said Dana. “If something happened to your spouse, would the fight that you had really matter 6 months or a year later? No? Then leave it be, and let him be right (even when he’s not!).”

Congratulations on 25 years, you guys! Here’s to another 25 more!

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