Dear Mr. Robert…

Robert has had many adventures, more by the time he was 18 than most of us will have in our entire lives. It was a fateful one that changed his life and the future of one of Central America’s most beautiful countries.

We all know Robert’s story from his early chronicles of traveling the world filming the Endless Summer, his success as one of the most prominent shapers to come out of California, and all his philanthropy work that he has worked hard to make a difference for families coming from difficult backgrounds.

Robert August Chronicles The Endless Summer Witchsrocksurfcamp Tamarindo Costa Rica

Robert at his house talking about the original photo that became the artwork for the surf film that defined a generation, The Endless Summer.

Rewatch the video:

Robert had been coming down to Costa Rica for many years on the word of a Floridian fisherman. He said that there were waves aplenty, the women were beautiful, and the beer was cold! That was more than enough to tempt the adventurous spirit of a still handsome but older Robert August. It would turn out to be more than just a surf getaway and would eventually become HOME.

His feature in the second of the iconic movies, The Endless Summer 2, put Costa Rica on the surfing map, and since then, it has welcomed thousands of surf-hungry adventurers to this Rich Coast’s shore, changing the economy and lives of so many Costa Ricans and surfers alike. This is a fact that I believe he will never comprehend: to think that this Pole Vaulting, Class Body President from Huntington beach would have such an impact on so many.

During that time, Robert met with a young fellow Californian starting his own adventures here in Costa Rica. Waves were surfed, beers were shared, and a relationship was formed. That man was Joe Walsh, founder of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. Joe was ecstatic to have Robert be part of the camp. He became the in-house shaper at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, and a solid and productive partnership was made. With over 2000 boards hand-shaped by Robert over the last 12 years, so many stories, handshakes, order cards for custom boards, and polaroids were taken to be on his famous shaping bay wall.

Joe Walsh & Robert August when they recorded ”Making the Movie: The Endless Summer”.

You can re-listen to it and check it out here:

To many, he has put his hands and heart into so many boards. But I think that the greater number to look at is how many lives he has touched, with his infectious curiosity that first set him out on that first life-changing experience and how many people that, in turn, inspired to say ‘fuck it’ and just go for it. This Englishman included, true story! That’s the beauty of what Robert and his peers achieved. A board can be lost, stolen, or broken, but experiences, that’s a gift of life. And this California surfer had and gave so much to surfing and what it truly means to be an ambassador.

Robert after one of the many Movie Nights he hosted here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.

Be assured that the Summer’s not over and although Robert may no longer be searching for the perfect wave, phenomenally he’s made the perfect lifestyle for himself and all that surround him. This stage will be no different, the conditions may have changed and the wind may turn onshore someday soon but I am sure that Robert will still have an eye out for a nice peeling left wherever he decides to hang up his planer.

Here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, we have been blessed to have such a surf legend that has inspired us with his stories, amazed us with his master class level of shaping, spread love, Aloha and Pura Vida in all aspects of this great man’s character. But I am more grateful, and I am sure I can speak for all of our staff and guests, that Robert became family to us all and his life’s philosophy is something that all of us will hold close to our hearts and continue to spread the stoke of surfing.

Robert August Shaping Favorite Witchsrocksurfcamp Tamarindo Costa Rica


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