Employee Profile: Alonso Gonzalez aka PRU PRU

If you’ve been to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, you’ve certainly felt the warmth and genuine positive energy of the famous, Pru Pru. Maybe you’ve shared a beer with him at Vaquero, maybe he was the first smiling face you met at the airport, or maybe you’ve scored the best waves of your life with him as your boat captain. Whatever way you’ve come to know Pru Pru, he’s not a person you’ll quickly forget. Let’s dive into what makes Pru Pru’s world tick.

How many years have you been working at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp?
I started working at Witch’s Rock 11 years ago

When did you come to Tamarindo and why? 
I came to Tamarindo 26 years ago for the first time to play soccer.

What positions have you had at the surf camp over the years? 
-Reception / Front Desk
-Airport Driver
-Tours Operator
-Volcano Tour Guide
-Hotel Maintenance
-Hotel Concierge
-Manager at Vaquero Restaurant
-Boat Captain
What has been your favorite position here?
Boat Captain: I love the adventure in the ocean and the personal service that I offer to each guest
How did you get the name, Pru Pru?
Everything started after a Witch’s Rock employee Christmas party 11 years ago… After the party, we went to Aqua disco tech to dance. A song came on that had “Pru Pru Pru” in the chorus. For some reason, I went up on stage where there was a stripper pole, took off my shirt and started dancing non-stop. During my performance, a Gringa came up to dance with me. I didn’t know at the time, but it was actually the owner of Witch’s Rock’s wife, Holly. We were both kicked out soon after. After that night, I was known as Pru Pru throughout Tamarindo.
Do you have a favorite guest memory? Funny stories, etc? 
Of course. I’ve met so many clients from all over the world and shared stories with them and have become great friends over the years. I really enjoyed my time on the water, especially, on the boat, Zori with captain Charlie. RIP.
What is your favorite beach in Guanacaste?
Playa Conchal. I love Playa Conchal because it was one of the first beaches that I visited with my mom when she was alive. I have many good memories on that beach with mom when she was alive.
How do you stay so positive? 
The influence of all my friends and weekly guests keep me positive. They make want to do a better job and provide top quality service. I love meeting different people every week and especially love when guests return to the camp after a few years and say, “Hey it’s Pru Pru!”
What advice would you give to someone coming to Witch’s Rock for their first time?
At Witch’s Rock, we give the best services so don’t stress out. We have such a beautiful location and it’s easy to enjoy the company of the staff and the culture. Come to Costa Rica and let us take over. Enjoy the culture, enjoy the people and enjoy the PURA VIDA lifestyle. Yeh Buddy!


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