Facebook Contest: Win a Free Vacation in Tamarindo

Win a FREE WEEK LONG VACATION at the Pueblo Dorado Surf Hotel in Tamarindo, Costa Rica!

We are calling upon our current and past guests at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp to tell us about your experiences with us. Write a story, a review, or any description of your time at our surf camp. Photos are encouraged, but not necessary.

Our favorite piece of writing will be chosen on Tuesday, November 24th.

Send all content to our Facebook page via messenger or to emily@witchsrock.com.

Below is an example of a great entry that we received yesterday:


Witch’s Rock Surf Camp changed my life. I booked my trip on a whim after a friend told me to “be the girl that says yes to something she’s never done before.” I decided my yes would be to go to Costa Rica alone and learn how to surf. I decided my yes would be to at least stand up on a surf board in Tamarindo at Witch’s Rock.

Upon arrival at Witch’s Rock, I quickly learned that my yes was the best gift I’ve ever given myself. A few minutes into my very first lesson with the ever so patient Enryl, I popped up and rode a wave all the way to the shore. There are no words for how you feel when you stand up on a surfboard at the right point of the wave for the first time and you just glide through the ocean on your own.

Witch’s Rock is a magical place in and out of the water. The instructors are helpful, kind and continuously looking out for your safety. The servers at Eat at Joe’s are friendly and always smiling. The bartender at El Vaquero will change your life with incredible cocktails. Julie at the front desk is helpful and the perfect person to ask for dinner recommendations. Pru Pru, who took my new found friends and me out on a boat, may be the coolest person ever. All of these people made my trip memorable.

So, thank you Witch’s Rock for being my place of yes. Thank you Witch’s Rock for letting me be the girl that does something completely out of her comfort zone. Thank you Witch’s Rock for getting me up on that board. Thank you Witch’s Rock for being one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.  Thank you Witch’s Rock for making me feel at home in a place so far from my own.

But mostly, thank you for changing my life. Pure Vida.

-Charlsie Niemiec

To enter our contest you need:

  • To have already been a guest at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp
  • To write us a story or a review of your experience
  • To send your writing to our Facebook or to emily@witchsrock.com


We look forward to hearing from you!


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