Get Out & Surf Podcast #3: Transitioning From a Longboard to a Shortboard (with Paco Vega)

A quick disclaimer before listening. Transitioning to a shortboard should not be everyone’s goal. Many beginner surfers get the idea that riding a Popsicle stick and tearing the wave to pieces is surfing’s end game… It’s not… Surfing is about good style that looks effortless and keeps a smile on your face. In fact, some of the best surfers I know only surf a longboard and are mesmerizing with their cross-stepping and cheater-five barrel rides.

However, if you have the calling to do fins-free turns, big airs, and wrapping cutbacks, this informative podcast with Paco Vega is an ideal way to start your journey. For those who know Paco, you also know that he rips on any type of wave craft (VIDEO BELOW). Shortboard, longboard, alternative shapes, whatever! Put anything under this guy’s feet and he’ll make it look effortless. In this podcast, Paco, Joe Walsh, and P-Mac talks about their gradual surfing progression  and give some quick n’ fast tips to knock a few inches off your board.

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