Get Out & Surf Podcast #43 – Big Wave Charger Andrew Cotton

Here’s your fair warning…..Listening to this podcast may result in feelings of vertigo. That’s because Joe and Niki caught up with the English big wave charger, Andrew Cotton on one of their last days exploring the royal coastline. This guy is a maniac, seriously. A little spoiler, Andrew actually towed Garrett McNamara into a World Record wave in Nazare, Portugal without even knowing how to drive a jetski….

Joe and Niki take advantage of speaking to Andrew and ask him all the questions that us mortals would like to know about surfing 50ft+ waves. Andrew elegantly describes his mindset when paddling out in massive surf, his training regimen, and the equipment that allows him to do so. Andrew talks about pushing human limitations and his belief anyone can surf those wave and it just come down to…well….balls..

Sit back, relax with a cup of English tea, and brace yourself for a wild ride.

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