South Pacific Swell Season: Why It’s Prime Time for Costa Rica!

We’re all about those Northwest Monsters, but let’s face it: if your surfing heart beats for constant, powerful waves, empty lineups, and gentle winds, combined with weather that rivals the best summer days in North America topped with skies painted with psychedelic sunsets, then buckle up because South Swell Season has officially started, and it promises to be epic!

Yes, we know we’re not literally in the South Pacific Hemisphere, we’re not idiots. What we mean is that while the Southern Hemisphere generally receives its waves from April to September, Costa Rica’s ideal geographic location and orientation mean we conveniently catch the best of both worlds. Right now, the most consistent and powerful waves we’re seeing are courtesy of the South Pacific Beast.

Witchs Rock Surf Camp South Pacific Swell Season Costa Rica Tamarindo Surf Captain
The arrows guide our eyes to a perfect angle for Tamarindo's shores and surroundings. Surf Forecast Map by

We received our first swell alert from the savvy crew at Surf Captain:  ‘Expect a solid SW swell coming your way at the beginning of next week. Hitting at 228 degrees, it’s set to light up Tamarindo and will be a boon for the rest of the south-facing beaches with a generous 5-7′ range.’

Armed with this intel, we scored waves every single day. For a taste of the action, take a peek at the photos for some undeniable evidence of the awesome conditions we enjoyed in Guanacaste:

Here's our crew, heading out to catch some waves right in front of the camp! Photo: Media Team
Behold our beloved right-hander at Tamarindo River Mouth, back in action after years of calm. Safe to say, it’s very much alive and kicking. Photo: Media Team
Photo: Media Team
Witchs Rock Surf Camp South Pacific Swell Season Avellanas Costa Rica
Imagine this: You, catching waves at our beloved Avellanas. Photo: Media Team
Believe it or not, this is no stock photo, this is Marbella in all its glory. Photo: Media Team
Witchs Rock Surf Camp South Pacific Swell Season Costa Rica Nosara
Just a bit down south, Guiones was dropping some real bombs! Photo: Media Team
And last but not least, the crème de la crème: Witch’s Rock.
Witchs Rock Surf Camp South Pacific Swell Season Costa Rica Roca Bruja
Surfer: Dean Van Dewalle Photo: Marcel Freitez
Pro-Surfer & Tamarindo Local: Malakai Martinez. Photo: Marcel Freitez

Ask any seasoned local; this is the prime time to surf in Costa Rica. And lucky for everyone, our pals at Surf Captain predict more joy ahead: “As the southern hemisphere edges into winter, we’re seeing stronger storms and minimal sea ice, pumping more energy into South Pacific swells. And with the rainy season on pause until May, expect lots of swell and great weather.”

The forecast? Overhead conditions will persist, with a consistent flow of 3-5’+ waves on the horizon for the coming weeks.

🚨 Exclusive Swell Special: we’re slicing a neat 15% off all May and June surf trips. But hang tight to your boards, there’s an upcoming twist in the next newsletter that could make your deal even gnarlier. Keep your eyes peeled and your fins ready!

If you want a slice of this prime surf, just drop us a line here:

Pura Vida!


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