Get Out & Surf Podcast #49 | Chicago Surfrider vs. US Steel

The Great Lakes holds 20% of the Earth’s fresh water and is one of the only fresh-water basins where you’ll find an active surf community. Although the waves may not be consistently epic, surfers in this region are just as passionate about the sport and protecting their environment. Historically, this region has been the epicenter for the United States’ most robust industrial manufacturing complexes. For over a century, many of these billion-dollar companies have been dumping lethal chemicals into the watershed, destroying eco-systems, and contaminating the water supply for millions of Americans.

So what are we supposed to do when the United States government ALLOWS this to happen in the name of capitalism?

Introducing Mitch McNeil, Chair of the Chicago chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Mitch, along with a group of hungry environmental law professors from the University of Chicago, have filed a lawsuit against US Steel for repeatedly dumping hexavalent chromium into Lake Michigan. Go google that shit and then you’ll see why this is such a big deal.

Photo by Mike Killion. Find him on Instagram @killertown

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