Get on Board, Ladies! — Celebrating Womens Surfing in Costa Rica

Surfing is not just for boys.

In fact, it has NEVER been just for boys… Archaeologists estimate that women have been dancing on water since the early 1600’s. This time-frame was established when a balsa-wood surfboard was discovered in Princess Kaneamuna’s burial cave in Ho’okena, Hawaii in 1905. The board belonged to the Big Island princess who lived (and surfed) during the early 1600’s. This artifact means WOMEN were surfing during the time of William Shakespeare, Pocahontas and Sir Issac Newton.

In more recent years, female surfing has surged to the mainstream media with the most prestigious surf competition organization, the World Surf League (WSL) offering equal pay to both male and female athletes starting in 2019. First place in a WSL competition now pays a whopping $100K to the top athlete regardless of gender. The first competition of 2019 was held on the Gold Coast of Australia and won by 17 year old rookie from Florida, Caroline Marks. Caroline is the youngest surfer on tour and faced veteran surfers like Carissa Moore and Stephanie Gilmore to come out victorious.

If you’re a women reading this who has always been on the water’s edge admiring surfing from afar, NOW is your golden opportunity to embrace this life-changing passion. Yes, we understand that traveling as a single woman can be intimidating, especially to a country so far away from home. For this reason, we carefully designed our Female Surf Retreats with professional female surfer, Andrea Diaz. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or just looking to fine-tune your cutback, Andrea will work with you on a personal level to make sure you’re progressing every day and enjoying each moment. This is more than just a surf trip; this is a chance to reconnect with your inner adventurer, get out of your comfort zone, and kindle new friendships with amazing women from around the world.


To celebrate women, Costa Rica, and surfing, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp sent our 6 most surf stoked female employees on an all-day boat trip to the world famous, Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point surf spots. Even though the girls have different ability levels ranging from beginner to advanced, everyone grabbed some memorable waves. We asked the girls to speak their mind on their epic surf adventure along with their life as a female surfer in Costa Rica. Here’s what they had to say:

Daniela (reservations) – I started surfing about 1 year ago. Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s point have always been on my surfing bucket list, but I considered this goal far from being accomplished. Little goals like this motivate me to keep surfing. It went from being only a sport to a mental challenging hobby for myself. Surfing makes me more aware of my abilities, what I’ve been through, and what I’m capable of doing.

Julie (reservations) – I have been surfing for over 10 years and have never seen as many women in the water as I do now. I used to paddle out and be the only girl competing with the boys. Now, every time I go surf, I see the younger generation of girls absolutely ripping. Being a women in the water is not easy; you have to paddle through crowds, take lots of big waves on the head, and deal with the boy surfers who underestimate you. But trust me, when you catch that wave and make a big drop, it’s the greatest adrenaline rush and sense of accomplishment

Crista (surf shop manager) – I’ve been surfing for about 5 years. Surfing is definitely an empowering sport that helps women realize that, with passion and dedication, we can overcome our own barriers and limits…The only real competition in the water is with ourselves. Surfing is not only for the boys…GIRLS CAN SURF TOO… It’s a great workout and as you progress, you gain confidence in the waves and in life..

Sara (surf shop)- I’ve been surfing for about two years and my life has changed drastically. I used to be super sedentary, but now I wake up early, I eat healthy and surfing became my therapist. On a personal level, surfing makes me feel empowered; it allows me to connect with the natural rhythm within myself and has given me moments of peace when my life feels like a mess. On the Witch’s Rock boat trip, all the girls had a story to share; we all had fun and supported each other at this magical spot. As women, we need to stop competing and instead, encourage each other to grow and ride the different waves of life.

Lavinia (surf instructor) – I’ve been surfing for 14 years and it has changed my life in so many ways.  There is no better way than to start a day with a good surf session. Apart from being great exercise, surfing makes me feel relaxed and takes away any stress I have.  It’s always been a dream of mine to surf different spots with only girls. Smiles and positive vibes filled the trip and we enjoyed every moment. Surfing with only girls is great because it’s about having fun, encouraging each other and not so much about competing for waves. As a female surfer and instructor, I want to encourage every girl to try it, no matter their age. It makes me happy to see how surfing has evolved and the increase of girls in the water! 
Adriana (surf shop) – I have been surfing for 7 years. As soon as we got to Witch’s Rock, the water was calm and glassy. The sun wasn’t too strong and the waves were perfect so we just jumped in. After Witch’s, we went to “La Isla” which is a right-hand point break. On our way there, we were graced with dolphins playing around and putting on a show for us. I haven’t been working too long at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, however, when they invited me to come surf with the girls, I had to go. Personally I love to see other girls ripping, or even just learning. It’s so motivating to see empowered new surfers overcoming mental or physical challenges. Surfing is one of the most difficult sports to learn, however girls are getting more into it and it’s amazing to watch how the culture is growing and changing girls’ lives. In the end surfing is not just a sport, but a healthy, rewarding way to live. 

If you’re an adventurous female looking for a safe surf getaway hosted by a powerhouse woman pro surfer, please CONTACT US for more info.

You can come solo, with a friend, or with a group. We will set you up in comfortable accommodations at our sister location, Pueblo Dorado Surf Hotel.

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June 1 – 8th
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Single occupancy room – $1900
Double occupancy room – $1600 per person
How stoked do these girls look on their trip? Bonus photos below.


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