~ Guest Review ~ “Our best vacation ever! And that says a lot because we have fun wherever we go.”

Dear Witch’s Rock

Thank you all for your hospitality during our stay last week. From the friendly front desk to the staff at Joe’s to the instructors to the maintenance guys, everyone was very welcoming and attentive. The surf instructors were awesome, particularly Manrique, who made my wife Maria so comfortable in the water that she wants to come back.

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(She vows to learn how to swim before the next trip.) Spending time with Robert August was also a special treat, he is truly an Ambassador of Surfing. He made a very positive impression on my sons, for which I am very grateful. All that, and I got the best ride of my life.

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The trip was our best vacation ever, and that says a lot because we have fun wherever we go.  The surf made it great, but the people (including other guests) made it special.  We will certainly be back as soon as can be.

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Thanks Again, and Pura Vida

Schmitz Family

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