Fulfilling a Promise Made Between Brother & Sister

Costa Rica = a land of dreams


This is a letter we received from a soon to be first time guest, Anna.We can’t tell you how much it means to us to receive such kind words. The opportunity to help guests such as Anna realize a life-promise is something we don’t take lightly.

Pura Vida.


Dear Witch’s Rock Surf Camp,

I just want to take a moment to let the owner Joe and his wife Holly know what an amazing experience I have had with his reservation staff this far. I sent a message out originally about a month ago to get information about fulfilling a promise I made to myself and my brother that we would go to Costa Rica together for our 40th birthday to surf. He has been several times…actually he gets to surf all over the world, but I, much to his chagrin, and a VERY slow learner.We grew up near New Smyrna Beach in Florida, and to say he is a surf squirrel extraordinaire, and I am just not that good is true.

To my credit, I have always tried to learn on his short boards in the average 2 foot waves, which from what I hear is not the best way to go. Long story short, he FINALLY got married a few weeks ago, so had to bail on our trip. He insisted I still go and recommended your Camp. I am very glad I listened to him. Your staff has been AMAZING! I have had probably a dozen correspondences answering my questions and offering guidance. I booked for the second week of August and do a weekly countdown with a new pic from your Facebook Page each week.

This is a dream for me, and just from the warm responses I have received already I could not be happier. I have repeatedly watched just about every surf movie ever made (part of growing up with surf rats in Florida), so am super excited to meet Robert August–the only cooler thing in the world might be to meet Kelly Slater some day :) I know you have happy people consistently from your blogs and home page, so this is probably no big deal to you, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for hiring such awesome people. I can not wait to get there and have some real instruction from somebody other than my brother that just does not understand why I cannot just jump on a short board and tear up waves like he does. Who knows, maybe I will do him proud after a few trips down to your camp :D!

With heart felt thanks and 15 weeks to go–Thank you!!! PS, if there is anything that is difficult for you guys to get down in Central America, and is legal for me to bring on a plane, let me know and I will hook you up if I can! I lived in Europe for 4 years and would have done a lot for Twix bars and Utz Crab chips (best chip EVER!)


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