How Rainy is “Rainy Season?”- What to expect during Costa Rica’s green months.

I saw rain the other day for the first time in almost 5 months. I was surfing out front in Tamarindo, and as the first drop fell from the sky, everyone in the water started cheering and hooting like they had reunited with an old friend. The downpour only lasted for about 5 minutes, but it was just enough to signal the official transitioning of the seasons.

Green space in front of the board-cage finally turns Green!

The Costa Rican climate operates a bit differently than most other parts of the world. While North America experience 4 seasons of dynamic temperature changes and foliage, Costa Rica only experiences 2: wet season and dry season.

When the dry season begins in Mid-November, the world flocks to Costa Rica for cloudless days and nights with temperatures soaring close to 37°C (that’s close to 100° F for all the Gringo readers). The days are very hot and dry, but nevertheless pleasant with practically a 0% chance of precipitation. The only hope for a cool down is an afternoon onshore breeze, ruining the surf, but making on-land activity a little more bearable.

The dry season continues all the way until mid-April. By then, clouds are re-emerging into the sky little-by-little hinting at the first chance of precipitation. The days are cooler and being outside doesn’t feel like a sauna anymore. The trees and surrounding vegetation soak up the moisture of the first few rains and return to their lush green state. Not to mention the consistent south swells, glassy conditions, breath-taking sunsets, and light winds along the coast.

So what can you expect during your stay for this year’s “Wet Season?” Checking the weather forecast won’t serve you very well because most Costa Rica weather forecasts are based out of San Jose (which might as well be another planet).

The map below shows the average yearly rainfall in inches and when it occurs for our area.

The truth is, Guanacaste, (especially our area to the north) doesn’t experience the rainy season like most other areas in the country. Daily, you can expect sunny skies in the morning with a refreshing afternoon shower to cool things down before a glassy sunset session to cap off your day. For anyone looking for a mellow, relaxing, rejuvenating vacation, now is the perfect time..

So be sure to check out our regular season rates to start planning your green season get-a-way. Hope to see you soon!


Pura Vida!



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